Sunday, November 16, 2014

Michelle (Mickie) and 11 New Quilts

Michelle (a.k.a. Mickie) is an avid quilter. She not only does her own quilting, she encourages others to join her and has organized gatherings and created a wonderful, simple pattern for those who want to make a quilt for our guild. If you'd like a copy of it, send a message to me and I will email it to you.

Mickie often donates her quilts to Seattle Children's Hospital through Katie's Comforters Guild. Last week, we received a message on facebook that she had made and delivered 11 new quilts to the hospital. She shared these photos (and gave permission for me to re-post):
Thank you so much for your support, Mickie! 
We are grateful to you and your family for all you do to bring comfort to patients at Seattle Children's Hospital!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cami's Fleece Blankets

Our dear friend and neighbor, Camille (a.k.a. Cami) is a faithful and generous supporter of Katie's Comforters Guild. She often makes trips to the fabric store, buys yards of fleece in a variety of fun patterns and colors, cuts fringe into them and then lets me know that they are ready to deliver. How grateful we are for her initiative and thoughtful generosity! Fleece blankets are lightweight, warm, washable, soft and cuddly.

If you don't sew, you might consider donating fleece fabric to our guild, or making blankets like Cami's. If you need design ideas, look on our sidebar here, or leave a message for me.

Here is Cami's latest batch of 11 fleece blankets (there is more than one in each pattern).
Thank you, Cami! We appreciate you and your gifts!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lucile and Noble Donate AGAIN!

Lucile and Noble are our most steadfast, regular donors. I have never met a couple in their 90s with more energy, vim and vigor. They are so smart, hardworking and sharp that they inspire me with a fantastic example to follow - if I get to live into my 90s!

I stopped by their house on Monday to deliver the roll of batting which we purchased with Ellie and Phil's donation (see the posting below this one). When I did that, they donated 13 more blankets and quilts - 10 fleece and 3 quilts.

Here are the fleece blankets:
and here are the quilts.
Due to supply issues, we have not been able to help Lucile purchase satin blanket binding, so - ever-resourceful - she is making her own binding out of cotton! Check it out:
Thank you, Lucile and Noble! You are wonderful members of - and friends to - our Guild!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Thank You, Ellie & Phil!

We have a wonderful group of Guild members and friends who have a variety of gifts and talents which they share with us. Some of them knit, some crochet, some sew, some cut fleece into blankets, and some donate funds. Those funds are very important, as we use them to purchase materials and to ship fabric to those who will convert raw materials into quilts of comfort.
Ellie helping with a quilt delivery at SCH with Child Life worker Julie and KCG President, Karen
Ellie is a Guild member who has been a supporter from the very beginning. She and her husband Phil provide donations from time to time, and they just sent another one. We used it to purchase a huge roll of batting with which to make quilts, and to ship fabric to a Guild member who lives in another part of the state. This gift is every bit as important as the gifts of sewing, knitting, crocheting and cutting fleece.
Phil helping with a quilt delivery to SCH
We always need donations of time, talent, materials and funds to help us continue our work. Whichever is your favorite way to donate, we appreciate you and we thank you!
Thanks, Ellie & Phil!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Two Quilts from Shirley

Two beautiful new quilts were donated to our guild last week. They were made with care and artistry by Shirley F., and delivered to our guild's board member, Mary.
Those bright and cheerful fabrics are going to make a patient very happy!
These comic-book themes, combined with freedom symbols, will surely appeal to the "super-hero" in a young patient!
Thank you, Shirley, 
for sharing your time, talent and materials
with Katie's Comforters Guild! Your generosity will bring comfort to the patients who receive your quilts!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Mary's Gifts of Time, Talent and Blankets

Our Vice President, Mary, is always generous in sharing her time and talent with Katie's Comforters Guild. Mary is our "Gratitude Ambassadress" - the one who writes "thank you" notes for each contribution, and keeps records (via spreadsheet) of all donations made to the guild.

Mary also gives blankets to our guild, quietly and without fanfare. This week, she donated two bright, cheerful movie-themed fleece blankets to our guild.
Thank you, Mary! 
These blankets are going to be a great thrill to patients at 
Seattle Children's Hospital!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Why We Do It

Over the weekend, we received the most wonderful, affirming letter...
"Hello! I am writing to thank your organization, and specifically Lucille Nilsen (as referenced on my daughter's blanket tag) for the beautiful blanket we received during our stay at Seattle's Children's Hospital. We had a stressful morning in the ER at children's as our 9 month old, Olia struggled to maintain adequate oxygen levels and worked hard to breath as a result of contracting RSV. The decision was made by the team to admit her for observation and to continue to keep her on oxygen until she was more stable. My husband and I were exhausted, stressed, and worried by the time we finally arrived at our room. The first thing that I saw was this sweet blanket all made up for Olia in her hospital crib, just waiting for her. It brought a smile to our faces in an otherwise very stressful and trying time as parents. Olia immediately kicked her legs with excitement when we got her settled onto her colorful and soft blanket. We were fortunate to have a relatively uneventful stay, and only needed to stay for one full day and overnight as they took her off of the oxygen and her conditions made fairly rapid improvement.

"I just want to share our deepest gratitude with you, for all that you did for our family and continue to do all of the other families at Seattle Children's. That blanket, hand made with love and care, provided such comfort to our whole family. It was such a thoughtful touch that made our stressful experience a little bit easier to handle. Here are some pictures of Olia as she began feeling better at the hospital, and one of her sleeping in her portable crib at our parents house, we are visiting for the morning. This blanket will be a part of her entire childhood, a memory of someone who took the time to make our family's experience a little brighter. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. - Laura, Matt, and Olia S."
Included with the letter were these adorable photos of baby Olia with her quilt in the hospital:
and this one, after she was discharged, and doing well:
This letter illustrates why Katie's Comforters Guild exists, and why we do what we do. It also shows the power of comfort in each and every stitch of each and every quilt and blanket. It shows how important every donor and guild member is, and how much good Lucile and Noble do for our guild and the families we serve.

(That quilt is the same one which we picked up from Lucile & Noble just a week ago! You can see it at the top of the stack below.)
Thanks to Laura, Matt and Olia S.
 for permission to post their letter and photos, 
and to Lucile & Noble 
for their wonderful work!

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Visit to Lucile & Noble: 30 New Quilts & Fleece

On Monday, Mary (our fearless Vice President) and I took a little road trip across the Hood Canal Bridge to see Lucile and Noble. Lucile had made 30 new quilts and fleece blankets for Katie's Comforters Guild, and we had some lovely new fabric (donated by Kris via Cindy and David W.) to give to her.

Lucile & Noble gave Mary a tour of their cozy home, showcasing examples of Lucile's many talents in needlework and crafts. She has mastered embroidery, cross stitch and mixed media over the years.

Here is a photo showing some of her latest batch of quilts:
Upon returning to our hometown, I went straight over to Tracie's house (Tracie is a Seattle Children's Hospital R.N.), and she loaded all 30 quilts and blankets into her car. She delivered them that very evening on her way to her shift in the ICU. Tracie often provides this selfless service for our guild.

Thank you, Lucile & Noble,
and Tracie!
Your time and talent bring comfort and healing to patients and families at Seattle Children's Hospital, 
and we appreciate you!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

St. Olaf's Youth Group

On Sunday, I had the privilege of visiting St. Olaf's Catholic Church to make a presentation to the youth group. St. Olaf's is in Poulsbo, our hometown, and they have been supporting Katie's Comforters Guild for a few years now, making and donating warm fleece blankets for patients through the inspiration of one of their members: Briana. Briana is our one junior guild member - and we'd love to have more like her!

I made a tri-fold presentation board and mounted photo collage pages on it (mentioned in a previous posting). I included information about guild membership, as well as about Katie's endowment and the progress in cancer research and treatment since her passing. I brought Katie's own comforter with me so that they could see how much love a blanket gets in the hospital.
We took photos together, and then they got to work, making another batch of fleece blankets to donate.
Photos courtesy of Mary Ryan, with permission from St. Olaf's Youth Group
Photos courtesy of Mary Ryan, with permission from St. Olaf's Youth Group
Photos courtesy of Mary Ryan, with permission from St. Olaf's Youth Group
Photos courtesy of Mary Ryan, with permission from St. Olaf's Youth Group
Photos courtesy of Mary Ryan, with permission from St. Olaf's Youth Group
The finished product! Photos courtesy of Mary Ryan, with permission from St. Olaf's Youth Group
Thank you, 
St. Olaf's Youth Group and leadership! 
Your spirit of giving and 
your helping hands 
will bring great comfort to patients.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thanks for a Gift from Patti

Our Vice President, Mary, recently received a donation to Katie's Comforters Guild from her friend, Patti: this soft, cheerful, beautifully-sewn quilt.
Look at those brightly-colored fabrics, and that adorable center square!
This precious gift will bring warmth and comfort to a patient and family.
Thank you, Patti!