Monday, March 30, 2015

A Simple Quilt Pattern by Mickie F.

Here is a link to the posting which contains Mickie's  
brilliantly simple quilt pattern.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mickie Farris Donates 3 Quilts

I had the pleasure of meeting Mickie Farris in Seattle for a quilt and fabric "swap" this week. Mickie is a quilter who is adept at machine- and hand-quilting. She is a great supporter of Katie's Comforters Guild by making quilts, and is adept at bringing others into the loop to sew for us. You might recall seeing her brilliantly simple pattern example here on our blog.

Mickie donated three lovely quilts for the hospital: two of her own making (thanks for modeling them, Owen!)
and one made by a friend.
Close-up of one of the squares, with quilting stitches visible
Mickie also took home eight quilt tops which were donated to our guild, and she is going to finish them. HOORAY! I gave her some fabric to help with the finishing.

We have more quilt tops and fabric, if you are interested in quilting for Katie's Comforters Guild. Please leave a message here, or on our facebook page, and I'll be happy to get in touch with you.

Thank you for your help and support, Mickie! 
We appreciate you (and your friends), and all that you do!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Blankets & Stuffed Toys from Jaimee

We received a note on facebook from Jaimee M., with this photo:
She has made (and is sending to the hospital) six beautiful blankets and 14 adorable stuffed toys! We're admiring her creativity, skill and imagination. Those cute and cuddly gifts are sure to cheer up a crowd of sick children.

Thank you, Jaimee!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Invitation from the SOVREN Guild

We received the following invitation from the SOVREN Guild:
Share our dream…vintage racing to benefit Seattle Children’s Hospital The SOVREN Guild is presenting a unique opportunity for your guild to participate in a fundraising event where 100% of funds raised and matching money earned by your guild’s efforts, will be allocated to your area of special interest at Seattle Children’s and your guild will receive soft credit in the hospital’s Annual Report. On Friday, June 19th, we will be presenting the 6th Annual PNW Karting Challenge at PGP Motorsports Park located at Pacific Raceways in Kent, Washington. The event fields 25 karting teams, each consisting of 4 drivers and as many supporters as possible. The race is catered to the new drivers as well as experienced kart drivers. The cost of registration, which covers the cost of kart & track rental, staffing and insurance is $250 per team.

Donations for your team’s efforts are raised from business associates, friends and family...Donations can be sought for laps completed within the 2 hour time frame or a flat pledge to the team. We can help each team set up their own online donation account through RAZOO, which makes it easy for drivers, guild members and supporters to email friends and/or business acquaintances letting them know of your guild’s participation in the race and how they can donate to your team online. Team drivers do not have to be guild members but could be spouses, children, grandchildren or friends. The only restrictions are that they are at least 15 years old and 5 feet tall and before the race, have some experience driving a kart. But, we make that easy too with special pricing and help, from the staff at PGP Motorsports Park, to get both experience and to qualify….give them a call at (253) 639-7223 (RACE) and let them know that you are participating in the Seattle Children’s karting race on the 19th.

The most exciting news for guilds is that through our generous matching sponsor, Jackson Dean Construction, we have $20,000 of matching funds available and each team has the opportunity to add to their earned donations. For the first 15 teams to raise $1000 in donations, Jackson Dean will donate an additional $1000 to their team’s funding focus. The next 5 teams to reach $2000 (Prior Jackson Dean matching donation $ not included in this total.) will receive an additional $1000. After the race is concluded, SOVREN Guild will allocate whatever your team has earned (including any matches) to your area of special interest. All Karting Challenge donations will flow through the SOVREN Guild and on to the Guild Association in your guild’s name. One more piece of late breaking news is that an anonymous sponsor has offered to add $250 to the fundraising efforts of the first 12 teams to register and sign up for online fundraising through Razoo (please see instructions attached.)…what a great way to quickly get to the minimum fundraising level of $500!
 Here is the link to follow:
If you have questions, please contact: Larry Duffield, SOVREN Guild
Seattle Children’s Hospital PNW Karting Chairman
Tel:( 206) 412-6643 or (425) 823-6081

Monday, March 16, 2015

32 New Quilts & Blankets and a Gift of Funds

Last week, Lucile and Noble stopped into Poulsbo on their way to run errands. They brought with them 32 new quilts and fleece blankets! The variety of fabric, colors and patterns is a delight.
Lucile has a way of combining fabric which is very creative. Not only does she make her own quilt binding when necessary, she makes quilted blankets special by combining solids with patterns. She also applies this concept to fleece. When we receive donations of solid-colored fleece, Lucile adds fun to the design by sewing solid pieces to patterned fleece, using her sewing machine's decorative stitches, and creating an embroidered border around the edges. You can see what I mean here:
Thank you, Lucile and Noble!

Loyal guild member Ellie Boren does not sew, but is faithful in her financial support of our work; once again, she sent a gift which will help us to purchase fabric and other supplies (such as satin blanket binding and batting) for our guild members who do sew.
Thank you, Ellie & husband Phil!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Four New Blankets

Liberty Bay Books in Poulsbo is one of our beloved, consistent local supporters. We are grateful to them for so many things they do, for example: their knitting circle, which provides a variety of hand-knit squares, patiently knit into blankets for our guild; sharing our message with their clientele, and occasional delivery service of blankets. Last week, without fanfare, employee Nathaniel H. kindly showed up at our door with these two FUN knitted blankets.
Some of these squares are made of super-soft, fuzzy yarn, and some are made with tickly, shag-style yarn. Both of them will provide warmth and sensory stimulation for patients in the hospital.
Thank you, Liberty Bay Books Knitters
& Nathaniel!

Katie's Comforters Guild's Vice President, Mary Ryan, and her daughter, Briana, are also great helpers in our work. In addition to bringing the attention of their church's youth group to our mission - and enlisting the group's support - they contribute their own time, talent and materials to the hospital. The two soft, cheerful blankets pictured below were donated by Mary and Briana in memory of Mary's mother-in-law. Don't you just love the shamrock theme as we draw near to St. Patrick's Day?
Thank you, Mary and Briana!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Thanks to Auto Connections of Bellevue

A great, big, HUGE  
Thank You to 
Auto Connections of Bellevue!

Auto Connections of Bellevue is a wonderful, honest, no-pressure car company. They are the only car dealership I know that has a Charitable Giving Program.

A quote from their site:
"For every purchase you make, we in turn will give a proceed of our sale to one of three charities of your choice in your name.  It’s really as simple as that! Join us, as we make a difference in the lives of those who can use our giving."
Katie's Comforters Guild is indeed fortunate to be one of the three charities chosen by customers of Auto Connections of Bellevue. We recently received a check in the amount of $750 from Auto Connections, representing those donations made on behalf of their customers. Thank you, Auto Connections of Bellevue!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thank you, Bethany!

Bethany M. met us a couple of weeks ago for a hand-off of donated fleece fabric.
You might remember Bethany as the teacher from Yelm Middle School, whose students have made and donated fleece blankets for our guild.* She made the drive up to Gig Harbor, which was a good half-way point between us.

Here is Bethany with the fabric in her car, ready to transport it:
Thank you, Bethany, and Yelm Middle School staff and students, for sharing your time and talent to bring comfort to sick children! Your help is essential to our work!

*If you are a student or staff member of a school or community group, and are looking for a service project, please contact us - we'd love to have your help!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Gifts from Near and Far

On Saturday evening, we hosted a gathering of local friends, and one of them (Angela) brought a soft, lovely baby blanket which she had knitted; what a treat it will be for the patient, and for the parents of a sick child. This is a busy friend with a full-time job and three children, so we appreciate what a gift of love and time it is!
Thank you, Angela!

Just this morning, another friend -Nan, also a mother with three active, growing kids - posted this photo on facebook:
This batch of five blankets was made by her daughter, Ava (a talented ballerina).

Ava's brother was treated for cancer when he was young, and he is not only in remission, but has grown into a talented musician; we rejoice with their family in his healing. The family moved from the West Coast to Colorado, so Nan will be shipping Ava's blankets to the hospital all the way from there - another act of generosity.
Thank you, Ava and Nan!

These gifts of warmth, softness and exuberant color will cheer the hearts of all who receive them.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Visit to Lucile and Noble

We stopped by Lucile and Noble's house with a batch of material - cotton and fleece - for her to use in making blankets and quilts. We had a nice visit, and I got to see her new sewing machine; wow! That is one modern, "smart" machine! She is already enjoying it.

While we were there, Lucile gave us another 8 fleece blankets and 7 beautiful quilts to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital. Here they are:
We are running low on satin blanket binding, so she has been making her own quilt binding (our supplier has stopped carrying the binding we use, so we are in the process of switching to another supplier). Soon, we will purchase pre-cut satin binding to make things easier for Lucile.

Thank you, Lucile and Noble, for your continuing generosity to Katie's Comforters Guild at Seattle Children's Hospital! Your devotion warms our hearts, and the hearts of so many patients and families!